Monday, August 11, 2014

Gondola Shelving

The path you may want to take if you are a store owner or if you are just proud of a collection and want to display it is the gondola shelf. They are available in many different widths and heights and can be manipulated at each section in order to accommodate anything you have for display. Most gondola shelving units come in heights start from 36" to 96" high and the depths start at 8" to  30" deep. As a store clerk or cashier needs a clear view of the store at all times the more appropriate unit would be the low gondola units. If they main concern is displaying as many items as possible without the worry of seeing the whole store, such as a supermarket the best solution would be taller Gondola Shelving Units

When designing a store an important step when creating isles of gondola shelves is to leave room for customers to pass by, this does away with some possibility of them falling over. To encourage a natural turning point for customers in your store, a good suggestion would be to make one row of gondolas slightly shorter than the one it follows. Learn further details on this when you access the site at Also, your store may fit shorter rows of shelves or even shorter and longer rows, but this all really depends on the flow of your space. Impulse buying and giving your customer the ease of shopping for hours can be accomplished by simply making the aisles in your store spacious and fluid.

For merchandising purposes if you want to draw attention to a product or a line of products in your store it may be a good idea to place your gondola shelving at random heights or in different arrangements. Thus, gondola shelves are adjustable so you can change the size or shape at any time you choose. These shelves can even be tilted to display something like magazines, books, papers or cards.

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